The top 3 unusual restaurants you can ever find

People love food, and with all the competition around, entrepreneurs are finding a way to make a difference in the industry. It is a good marketing strategy to make curious individuals visit their place. If you want to know the top restaurants with unusual features, check it out and book your reservations.

1. Modern Toilet

Location: Taipei, Taiwan

Numerous individuals find the toilet topic taboo when we are in front of the food. We can forget all about that once you dine in one of the popular restaurants in Taiwan. The Modern Toilet interior consists of toilets hanging on the walls, tables, and chairs. However, that is not the end of it. You will also have an opportunity to eat on those toilet bowls as the foods are served on it.

2. Fortezza Medicea Restaurant

Location: Volterra, Italy

Experience a one of a kind dining rendezvous in this restaurant where actual inmates serve the food you’ll eat. Aside from that, you will also eat like them where you will have to use plastic utensils. If you’re not yet contented with the experience, you can opt to go to Latvia and pay for some prison time. You’ll also be treated as one so think about it before you indulge in a crazy adventure.

3. Heart Attack Grill

Location: Las Vegas, Nevada, U.S.A

If you want to be served by waitresses dressed as nurses, the best place to be is the Heart Attack Grill. The servers will surely make your blood boil when you see them and get a taste of their special hearty burgers. Aside from that, if you are someone who weighs 350 pounds and above, you’ll get to have the burgers for free.

If you want to have a one of a kind dining experience, these three restaurants are the top places that you must visit. It can feed your tummy and curiosity at the same time.