The 4 amazing people with unbelievable superhuman powers

We have heard many people claiming that they have superhuman powers which most of us find it hard to believe. It’s normal because superpowers don’t come easily. However, if you can check these people out, it will make you think twice about that belief. Here are the amazing people with unbelievable superhuman powers.

1. Natasha Demkina

She is known to be the girl with the x-ray eyes. Of course, her abilities will not be easily accepted by the society, but up to this date, she is using her capabilities to help in diagnosing some medical conditions. There may be no concrete proof about it, but in one of the extensive tests that she had undergone, she was able to diagnose four patients correctly.

2. Isao Machii

We all know how small pallet bullets are, but the Samurai Isao Machii can cut it into two without sweat even if it is coming on a 200 kph speed. The reaction of his body is exceptional as if it is programmed to cut on where the object is automatically.

3. Master Zhou

If you have heard the famous name Jewel of China, it is none other than Master Zhou. He is known for the heat he can produce with his bare hands. You can give him clay, and it will be dried up even before you know it. He is also using his abilities to cure some illnesses like body pains and even tumors.

4. Wim Hof

He is known as the Iceman. With that one word, I believe you already have an idea about the things he can do. It is hard for an average human to withstand the freezing weather but for this German lad, it seems too easy. If you can already join a marathon in the snow with no footwear at all, then you can challenge the Iceman.

Some people will not believe in superhuman capabilities of others, but to some, there is nothing wrong in believing the unusual talents of the people. The choice is up to us whether we will believe or not.